Convivencia de Transformacion Arbol de Vida – Cecytech No. 9.
Posted on March 6, 2012 by Tree of Life

This video shows Tree of Life (Arbol de Vida)’s outreach to the new state technical high school,   Cecytech  No. 9. It was built last year, and is four blocks away.

We have signed an accord with the high school that was approved by the State Department of Education in Chihuahua City. We will share facilities and programs to enhance the youth in both facilities.

We also have started reaching out to the intermediate school; about 50 of its students come to us Monday through Friday to eat lunch, play and dance.

In this video, Tree of Life hosted Cecytech No. 9′s students, giving them a motivational talk and feeding them lunch in the courtyard.


The video then cuts to inside our church, where all 250 students, staff, administrators, and the principal have come to eat, play, and sign up for soccer, volleyball, floor gymnastics, folk dance, and ballet classes at Tree of Life.

The dancer is our instructor, who has been with us for awhile thanks to some grant money. You can see she has a flower in the glass balanced on her head.  At night she changes it for a lighted candle.

Everyone from Cecytech No. 9 enjoyed our Club House.

The principal and his staff played volleyball, and certificates of achievement were given to the volleyball team.

One of the P. E. teachers there told us that some of her students pass out because they are so hungry. Just like the principal of the high school told us that some of his students cannot study because they are malnourished.

We really want to feed all these youth that are hungry by having them come by for breakfast and/or lunch.  But we do not have the money and are hoping to get it.  I know our Lord Jesus wants these children to be fed.+ Thank you.

- John Walker

March 2012