Tree of Life supports the education of each child through on-campus and off-campus educational programs. Our staff includes an on-campus tutor/counselor and several different programs to help students meet their needs.

The Abierta Program – This on-campus educational program is for kids age 12 or older who are in "catch-up" mode. The public schools will not accept them as they are well behind their expected educational level. Instead, the Juarez Department of Education sends a certified teacher to our work with children on site at Tree of Life. The children at Tree of Life also tutor one another. Students in the Abierta Program are tested monthly at the public school office to prove their improved competency.

Public School - All Tree of Life residents attend public school. Tree of Life supports the children by paying school entrance fees, buying uniforms and shoes, school supplies, and report cards. We have our own school bus used to transport the kids daily into town.

Life Skills - Kids learn basic life skills, including classes on health and nutrition.

Farming and Gardening - Children learn how to care for animals in the barn and how to care for the orchard.

Music - Many talented musicians live at Tree of Life. They sing, play guitar and drums, and perform in Church each Sunday. We hope to expand the music and drama classes in the future.

Athletic Activity - Gymnastics, soccer, and dance.

Bible Study - Held weekly at the Tree of Life Church on campus.